Zircon jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious and undervalued jewelry. It has many features like a diamond and comes at a much lower price. This gemstone is in use due to the historical belt and still ranks among the most beautiful gemstones. Like any jewelery on hand in this world, it requires unique care and maintenance to make it last longer and shine forever.


Protect it properly


We know you've spent a fortune on your zirconia jewelry sections and it can be especially heartbreaking when these don't last as long as expected. However, there is nothing like rocket science that you can't do to keep your zirconia jewelry constantly shining like new.


If you want to help you keep it looking sparkling all the time, here are some tips for you:


routine cleaning: Spend a day at least once a month washing your jewelry and be sure to keep up with these cleaning chores. However, cleaning it quite often can only cause damage. Don't hesitate to go to your jeweler to have it professionally cleaned when needed.

Keep away from oils and moisturizers: give your zirconia jewelry to a seller away from oils and moisturizers, as such substances can have extreme consequences on the pleasant. Avoid wearing your precious jewelry when you use a thick layer of moisturizer or body oil for your epidermis.


A big "NO" to harsh cleaners: When cleaning your zirconia jewelry, it will be necessary to stay away from harsh chemical compounds and cleaners equivalent to chlorine and bleach. Alternatively, use mild cleaners and detergents specifically designed to clean jewelry pieces.

Hermetic containers to the rescue: Water, air, and humidity are the main enemies of your jewelry, so you need to make sure your zirconia portions are stored in airtight containers, which can be quite simple in the market. Be sure to store your jewelry back in your container as soon as possible with its use.

No matter how hard we try to protect any jewel, it will eventually get silly and somehow lose its shine and once in a blue moon we can easily handle it. However, you can reduce the frequency of cleaning by adequately applying the methods outlined above.


Keep it easy


Keeping zirconia jewelry clean and shiny doesn't take long, which may resemble a hectic attempt due to its sensitivity. But don't worry, if you want to help wash your priceless zirconia jewelry without damaging its beauty, here are three easy approaches.


Smooth brush approach: Mix a mild detergent in a jug of warm water. Dip a smooth-bristled toothbrush into this mixture and start cleaning your jewelry parts with it. Make sure to clean your jewelry very gently to avoid any injury. After that, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.


Wetting process: Mix moderate detergent with a bowl of warm water as in the previous process. After that, soak your zirconia jewelry pieces in this resolution for about three to 5 minutes. As soon as you're finished, rinse your jewelry pieces with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth.


Reach out for your respectable: For those who cannot clean your zirconia jewelry with the two methods above, it is time to seek support from a jeweler. Any jewelry you buy from Nirwaana can be sent to us for cleaning as we offer our after-earning services.

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